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Summary of sheet metal pressing dead hem and hem process

Processing method of pressed edge

1. Once crushed edge

Method of pressing dead edge at one time:First fold the plate into 30 degrees with a 30 degree bending knife, and then flatten the bending edge.

2. 180 degree bending:

180 degree bending method:First fold the plate into 30 degrees with a 30 degree bending knife, then flatten the bending edge, and then pull out the backing plate.


Limit dimension of dead edge

a) The dead edge needs to be bent twice. First, bend 30 ° ~ 45 ° with a 30 ° sharp knife and a deep V-groove, and then press flat with a flattening die. The range of dead edge with different material thickness: 0.5 < T < 2.0

b) The length (L) of the pressed edge is related to the material thickness and insertion depth V groove. When 0.5 < T ≤ 1.5, V6 insertion groove is selected, and L min > 5T + R (L min > 6); When 2.0 < T < 2.5, select V10 to insert deep groove, L min ≥ 5T + R (L min > 9); The dead edge length L max of the above two is ≤ 14mm

c) The length L of the pressed dead edge after reverse bending is limited by the insertion depth V groove, L min ≥ 11mm

d) The distance from the dead edge hole to the bending edge should not be too small, otherwise the hole will be deformed by the change of angle during bending: l1min > 0.7V