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Sheet metal processing process flow

①.A summary of sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. Specific for example, the use of plate chimney, iron bucket, oil tank can, ventilation pipe, elbow size head, day garden place, funnel, etc., the main process is shear, bending buckle edge, bending, welding, riveting, need certain geometric knowledge. Sheet metal parts are sheet metal parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means. A general definition is that the thickness of the parts is unchanged in the process of processing. Corresponding to the casting, forging parts, machining parts, etc. The selection of sheet metal processing materials commonly used in sheet metal processing materials are cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled sheet (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC, SGCC), copper (Cu) brass, copper, beryllium copper, aluminum plate (6061, 6063, hard aluminum, etc.), aluminum profile, stainless steel (mirror, drawing surface, fog surface), according to the role of different products, Choose material to differ, need to come up from product its utility and cost to consider commonly.

Sheet metal processing

1. Cold rolled plate SPCC, mainly used for electroplating and baking paint parts, low cost, easy to form, material thickness ≤3.2mm.


2. Hot rolled plate SHCC, material T≥3.0mm, also with electroplating, baking paint parts, low cost, but difficult to shape, mainly with flat pieces.


3. Galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic board is divided into N material and P material. N material is mainly not used for surface treatment and has high cost, while P material is used for spraying parts.


4. Copper; Mainly with conductive action materials, its surface treatment is nickel plating, chrome plating, or do not make treatment, high cost.


5. Aluminum plate; General use of surface chromate (J11-A), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver plating, nickel plating.


6. Lu: xingcai; The materials and parts with complex section structure are widely used in various insert boxes, and the surface treatment is the same as the aluminum plate.


7. Stainless steel; Mainly used without any surface treatment, high cost.


②.Sheet metal processing development matters needing attention:


1. The way of development should be closed, and it should be convenient to save materials and processability


2. Reasonable selection of clearance and edge wrapping method, T=2.0 below the clearance 0.2, T=2-3 gap 0.5, edge wrapping method using long edge and short edge (door panel type)


3. Reasonable consideration of tolerance dimensions: negative difference goes to the end, positive difference goes half; Hole size: positive difference to the end, negative difference to go half.


③.Sheet metal processing process


Feeding: there are various ways of feeding, mainly the following ways


(1). Shearing machine: it is the use of shearing machine shear strip material simple parts, it is mainly for the mold blanking forming preparation processing, low cost, accuracy is less than 0.2, but can only process no hole without cutting Angle of the strip or block material.


(2). Punch press: it is the use of a punch press in one or more steps in the plate parts will be expanded after the flat piece punching forming various shapes of materials, its advantages are short time consumption, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, suitable for mass production, but to design the mold.


(3). NC blanking,:NC blanking first to write CNC machining program, the use of programming software, will be drawn to develop the drawing into NC number pull processing machine tool can identify the program, let it according to these programs step by step a knife on the plate punching shape of the plate, but its structure by the cutter structure, low cost, precision in 0.15.


(4). Laser blanking, is the use of laser cutting, in the large plate will be the structure of the plate shape cut out, as NC blanking need to write the laser program, it can be under a variety of complex shape of the plate parts, high cost, precision in 0.1.


(5). Saw machine: mainly used under the aluminum profile, square pipe, chart pipe, round bar material and so on, low cost, low precision.